Why Computer Restarts When Copying Files?

By | March 13, 2017

It is very annoying when you find that your computer often face unfortunate events, when some files are being transferred into it, suddenly prompts to restart. Most of time, files and folders go missing when pc is restarted during transfer. Let us try to know solutions for few problems occurred with system.

Problem1: When I try to copy files to external hard drive my system freezes then restarts. Does anyone have idea what could be causing this and how to correct it?

Suggestion:Immediately stop using the drive to prevent further damage and follow the process

  • Uninstall the HDD and remove it
  • Reinstall the chipset drivers
  • Go into BIOS and check USB settings
  • Reboot, plug in the drive and let Windows detect the drive first. If it works, great. If not, then try to run the manufacturers drivers for it
  • If it still causes a crash, use device manager to change resource options
  • Sometimes HDD’s have been found with a virus loaded. Wipe and format it when you have a chance, before use (be safe). Then run anti-virus with safe mode

Problem 2: I have been trying to copy my music library onto an external HD but 2 or 3 minutes into the copying process the computer freezes and restarts.

Suggestion: If you find that your drive is working properly, then try to do a quick-check on the drive by using chkdsk.

Why to use chkdsk: It allows you to recover/ repair issues regarding hard drive

  • Use Windows Explorer then right click on drive, next on properties
  • Click on Tools tab and then on Check now button to check for errors

Problem 3: There is failure while copying files from hard drive and even with CD to HD, but the RAM is working properly.  Please give me some idea to stop this failure.

Suggestion: Check whether there is single drive in the loop (ex: copying files to and from same drive). Even don’t forget to update your chipset or BIOS settings.

Other than above mentioned problems there are some causes regarding why your computer restarts when copying files.

  • If there are some fluctuations in power supply
  • Due to new Updates of Windows
  • Virus infection

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Process to download and use the software

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  7. Select your destination location to save required files