Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy “Camera Failed” Error?

By | March 20, 2017

All the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone variants have been built with brilliant camera. But at times, users who own Samsung Galaxy handset may experience a few errors while attempting to launch the default camera application. The error notification simply reads as “Warning: Camera Failed” and further the application freezes. Since cameras have turned out to be integral part of mobile phones, it becomes really difficult when they do not work as expected.

So what triggers – “Warning: Camera Failed” error?

The primary reason why this error occurs is because of software conflicts and not due to faults in camera. Any third-party software installed on your Samsung Galaxy device may be messing up with camera application thus giving rise to conflicts. However, users need not stress out about this error as here are some effective fixes to get rid of the issue.

Ways to Fix “Warning: Camera Failed” error on all variants of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones

Fix 1: Restart camera application

At times this error occurs when the camera has been in use for quite a long time. Hence users need to terminate the camera app completely, wait for 30 seconds and re-launch the app.

Fix 2: Restart your Samsung Galaxy phone

While taking pictures on camera, if the camera suddenly shuts down with an error message then the best way to solve this issue is by restarting the device. Yet after restarting the device, there are possibilities that you may notice the revisit of same problem. If it happens too frequently, then you must consider the solutions given in upcoming sections.

Fix 3: Clear camera cache

While using camera, if your Samsung Galaxy device runs slow, crashes or freezes, then clearing the cached data may help. Follow below-mentioned step to clear cached data,

  • Tap on Settings option and then navigate to Application Manager -> All tab -> Camera app -> Clear Cache

Fix 4: Restart your phone in Safe Mode

On restarting your device in Safe Mode, all the third party apps will be disabled. This will help you in identifying whether the problem lies in third party app or your device itself. Go through following steps to restart device in Safe Mode

  • Press and hold down the power key of Samsung Galaxy device till a new power menu appears
  • Then, press and hold on to Power Off option till a pop-up window is presented. Here you will be asked whether you would want to restart device in Safe Mode
  • Lastly, press OK and Samsung Galaxy device will restart

The above troubleshooting techniques would definitely help in resolving Samsung Galaxy ‘Camera Failed’ error. Further, in case if you notice that some of your photos have been missing or deleted from device, then here is another fix for you. Read further to know more about it.

Restore Photos and other multi-media files

A legit application known as Yodot Photo Recovery can assist users in restoring lost or deleted photos, videos, audio etc. The graphical user interface of this software is clear and concise in design and thus can be used by any kind of user. This utility runs flawlessly on all major versions Windows OS. Moreover, once the application is installed the multi-media file restoration can be performed without internet connectivity.

Instructions to use Yodot Photo Recovery

Take a moment to click here to download this utility on your Windows system. Then install the software as per the directions given on screen. Next, launch the tool and follow below-mentioned steps,

Note: While attempting to restore multi-media files from Samsung Galaxy phone, either insert the memory card into computer’s card slot or connect the phone directly using USB cable

  • The main screen of the software will present two options – Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery. Select any one option depending on your requirement
  • Select storage-medium/drive/partition/ from which media files need to be rescued
  • Specify the file types that have to be recovered (optional). Then, hit on Next button
  • Restoration process begins and its progress can be simultaneously viewed on screen
  • Next, Data Type Viewand File Type View options will be displayed. Select either of them to view retrieved file
  • Preview media file to evaluate whether right file has been retrieved. Finally, store recovered files on any safe location of your choice