iPhoto Not Showing Pictures In Library

By | February 15, 2017

Are you worried about losing pictures that is not shown up on your iPhoto? Don’t worry, there is one or the other way that will help you to find lost pictures. First, let us see when, why and how this kind of scenario arise.

Photos from iPhoto may go missing when-

  • iPhoto application is incorrectly updated
  • Conflicts arise in iPhoto database file
  • Synchronization errors and other issues

At this point, even Mac Finder will fail to locate certain photos or the entire collection. There is no question of recovering invisible photos when they are properly backed up. As this situation occurs at random time, not every user be lucky enough to create a timely backup. Even though time machine stored a backup copy it may seem a tedious task to look for not showing media on iPhoto. Before going ahead with repair solution try a quite simple technique and see if it works-

  • Quit the iPhoto application
  • Hold Command + Options keys altogether
  • Launch iPhoto and click on Repair Database
  • Restart the application and look for the files

This approach will simply Rebuild the iPhoto database. This method has been proved to be fruitful at wide instances. In case if it is still not possible to find photos in IPhoto then it is recommended to use a recovery program -Yodot Mac Photo Recovery to instantly gain back all desired media.

Can Yodot program really get back photos that are not showing on iPhoto?

Undoubtedly, yes! Yodot can recover iPhoto not showing pictures in library even if you have deleted photos/videos. The program can easily trace them from any storage. Moreover, the program assures safe data retrieval without a chance of damage or loss of existing files. As there is no restriction for media type extensions you can restore N number of files of any type. It offers an easy and timely way, so without any complicated measures you can get back missing files.

The program flexibly runs over all latest Mac OS X versions. For more assistance, one can contact the technical team available for all 24/7.

Simple-set-of steps to restore photos on IPhoto

Step 1: Get the tool downloaded on your Macintosh device with the link available here

Step 2: Launch Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application and start the process

Step 3: Click over Lost Photo Recovery option on the main screen

Step 4: Now specify the iPhoto drive location on your system storage

Step 5: Optionally pick the file types you want to recover

Step 6: The tool scans entire iPhoto storage and sends back all retrievable files

Step 7: Continue to preview data using File Types View or Data View styles, as per your convenience

Step 8: Set a target location to save all found files



Do not use any irrelevant application or methods to recover photos

It is a good practice to maintain backup copies of precious files