Data Recovery after C Drive Crash

By | December 5, 2016

When a hard drive is crashed, you will no longer able to use it although it does show as a disk. If you are looking for alternatives to access crashed system drive(C:/) or want some reliable recovery method for your C drive as it contains any crucial files which you don’t want to lose, then you are at correct place.

Solutions for accessing crashed C drive data:

There are couple of methods to recover when C Drive crashed. To know about each of them, read below stated ways such as; try to connect affected hard drive to a healthy system and make sure that system detects your hard disk in BIOS otherwise once computer starts up then you won’t be able to access it. As soon as hard disk gets detected try to copy its entire data. If this manual method of copying user data didn’t work, then try second method i.e. use third-party recovery software.

NOTE: Don’t write anything onto the affected disk from where you are trying to recover data. You cannot use it even for installing any recovery software. To install any third party tool, utilize other partitions available on healthy computer, from which your hard disk is presently attached.

In this article, an effective tool which can be utilized to restore crashed C drive data has been explained. So, read its next lines for knowing why and how to use this application?

About C Drive Recovery program:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the reliable data retrieval tool useful for extracting data from crashed C drive on Windows OS based machines. This program is efficient enough to get back program files, MS Office files, compressed files, media files, etc from it. Apart from this, it can effectively retrieve data from hidden partition deleted, lost, formatted, corrupted or inaccessible partition on hard drive.

Steps for retrieving this application:

After C drive crash, mostly hard drives become inaccessible; so in that case user can connect it to a healthy Windows computer and download this software on it  >> Next, install it and run the installed program to start data recovery >> Click on “Partition Recovery” option to bring back lost data from crashed C drive >> In next screen, you will find all logical drives or external drives present in that Windows system including crashed C drive >> Choose C drive from where data is to be restored and click “Next” button >> Then, this utility start scanning process and displays recoverable data from crashed C drive >> Mark files and folders which you want to rescue back >> Finally, save retrieved data to desired target location on Windows system hard drive, but not to the same C drive to avoid data overwriting