Crashed iMac data recovery

By | May 12, 2017

Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros are popular for their well-defined design. It is true that Macintosh is less prone to viruses and data loss scenarios or logical failures. However, hard drive problems on Apple product do happen. The most common failure on Mac systems is due to crashed HDD. This article will give few insights about what happens when iMac crashes.

After iMac crash, you may face data loss situation which includes loss of important business files, family photos, iTunes collection and also the system may turn inaccessible. So when you come across such issue, you will be in search of solutions to come out of this problem. Keep reading this page to get some techniques to regain data from crashed hard drive on Mac OS.

You can use Disk Utility to create a disk image (easy but time-consuming). Or use the terminal to transfer files (difficult if you’re not comfortable with the command line but more likely to work).

Solution 1: Create a disk image

  • You can boot into recovery mode by holding Command+R at boot until you see the Apple logo
  • Choose a language, then select Disk Utility from the given options
  • You should see a list of all disks connected to your computer on the left-hand side. Choose the one that says Macintosh HD
  • Click on New Image button at the top of the window
  • Change the Where field to your hard drive. Do not change other settings. Now click on Save

It requires time to work. Once the process completes, you will have a mountable disk image containing all files from your computer. Test it by opening on a working computer before erasing your HD

Solution 2: Use Terminal to transfer files from the recovery partition by following these steps

  • Boot into recovery mode by holding down Command+R at boot until you find Apple logo
  • Choose a language, then click on Utilities from the menu bar and select Terminal
  • Once in the terminal, you can use standard terminal commands to find and copy data from your internal drive to your external drive

Solution 3:  Crashed iMac data recovery is also possible by using built-in Mac backup application called ‘Time Machine’. It helps to keep an updated and exact copy of files from Macintosh internal hard drive.

Note: In the most unfortunate situations Time Machine hard drives fails to save the data.

Upon following above-mentioned methods still, your problem remains unsolved then, rely on Yodot Mac data recovery tool. This utility can retrieve data from iMac after various data disasters.  Follow this link to download the application and Follow given steps to restore data from crashed iMac

  • Detach crashed iMac hard drive and connect it to a healthy Macintosh computer
  • Install recovery software on a that Mac computer
  • You can see two major options- ‘Volume Recovery’ and ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’
  • Select “Volume Recovery” in this case to recover files on the basis of file system
  • System scans and displays all the drives present on Mac system
  • Choose the drive that represents crashed iMac hard drive from which data has to be recovered
  • All recovered files will get listed under ‘Data view’ and ‘File Type View’ options
  • Go through the list to examine rescued files, then save these files to specified destination location