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Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy “Camera Failed” Error?

All the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone variants have been built with brilliant camera. But at times, users who own Samsung Galaxy handset may experience a few errors while attempting to launch the default camera application. The error notification simply reads as “Warning: Camera Failed” and further the application freezes. Since cameras have turned out to… Read More »

Why Do Photos Get Locked?

Sometimes it might happen that a lock symbol appears on thumbnail of the photos and thus making files inaccessible. For example, when user tries to open an image file for editing, they will not be able to do so. Further, when attempted to delete, rename or move this picture file, a warning notification may pop-up… Read More »

How to Resolve Memory Card Error?

Generally users encounter problems with their memory cards and as a result the data stored on it becomes unreachable. Photos, videos and other multimedia files stored on memory card may vanish when the card gets formatted, deleted by mistake or corrupted. When you insert these memory cards into your device you will get various error… Read More »

Phone Internal Memory Data Recovery Software

Have you ever come across to a situation when phone internal memory data becomes inaccessible or mistakenly removed by you. And now, being in data crisis, you want to know about data recovery method to access phone data again.   Let’s take a similar scenario; “Hi friends, couple of days back, few files from my… Read More »

Recovering Data from Flash Memory Card

Have you lost any data from flash memory card?, Are you facing data inaccessibility issues on flash memory media?, Looking for a solution by which can you again access you can get back existed data of memory card? If yes, your situation might be similar to below-mentioned scenario: Let’s take a scenario, where user have… Read More »

Restore Formatted Pictures

Approximately, every user must have faced this kind of problem once in lifetime. Whether its occurrence is intentional or unintentional, its result remains the same tending to huge data loss. People, many times end up formatting their storage media like hard drive, memory card, external hard drive, USB drive, etc. mistakenly and lose their precious… Read More »

How to Recover Smart Memory Card Data?

“Hello, recently my Smart memory card turned corrupt. It holds very important pictures, few wonderful videos and some music tracks. I haven’t kept backup of those files. Does anyone know how to retrieve contents from damaged Smart memory card?” We know that Smart memory card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used to… Read More »

How to Restore Audacity Files?

“Accidentally I have deleted my important audacity files from system. I want them back but no idea how to get it back. So does anyone have an idea how to restore Audacity files ?” Audacity is a digital auditor editor and recording computer software application. It is available for Windows, OS X, Linux and other operating… Read More »