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Backup Files Recovery From iTunes

Situations: A backup of all iTunes files are created before system re-installation but is now deleted Old iTunes backups got damaged as an impact of inappropriate programs Accidentally deleted files containing backup copies Interrupted iTunes update/upgrade process leads to missing files from backup folder Software conflicts, disk format and others These are all some of… Read More »

iPhoto Not Showing Pictures In Library

Are you worried about losing pictures that is not shown up on your iPhoto? Don’t worry, there is one or the other way that will help you to find lost pictures. First, let us see when, why and how this kind of scenario arise. Photos from iPhoto may go missing when- iPhoto application is incorrectly… Read More »

How Do I Get Raw Files off My Camera?

“I captured some images (RAW), opened the raw file, I worked on it and saved. When I tried to open that file again I received an error message that stated “You don’t have permission to open this file”. When I went back to open it again image file was gone. Then I reached the folder… Read More »

How Can I Recover Photos from Yosemite?

Hi guys, I have Yosemite system. Yesterday while deleting unwanted pictures from my system, mistakenly I deleted few of crucial images. I have checked in Trash and checked for backup files also but I couldn’t succeed. Guys I am worried please help me to bring back those images. Thanks in advance… It is very difficult… Read More »