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Crashed iMac data recovery

Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros are popular for their well-defined design. It is true that Macintosh is less prone to viruses and data loss scenarios or logical failures. However, hard drive problems on Apple product do happen. The most common failure on Mac systems is due to crashed HDD. This article will give few insights about… Read More »

Recover Mac Mini 2012

Hi everyone, I’m in a situation which I can’t express even. Yesterday I have accidentally formatted my Mac mini which has essential data in it.  I have essential data in it. After that situation, it is not booting even. Is there any possibility to retrieve it? Thanks in advance. Assume that you are facing severe… Read More »

Wiped Mac Hard Drive Recovery

“I recently bought a new Mac machine. So, while copying or transferring files and multiple external hard drives to the new system, mistakenly I deleted one of the drives before it was copied (using Disk Utility). Nothing has been written to it as it was deleted. Do you have any know any way to recover… Read More »

Restore Iomega External Hard Drive Data

I had connected Iomega external hard drive to my Mac system to transfer some files. But when I tried access some video files from my Iomega external hard drive, system suddenly stopped responding for a while and displaying error message on screen i.e Iomega external hard drive is corrupted. Later I reconnected my hard drive… Read More »