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Ways to Free Up Disk Space On Windows

Isn’t it hectic to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in today’s busy world? with new techs and info popping out every day.  This remains same when we talk about storing huge chunk of files on computers and storage devices. Decades back, there were only few options available as storage medium, now it has completely… Read More »

Access To Unlimited Video. Can It Be Really That Bad?

What if you are given with the online services which does not consume much of your data? One of such practice is “Zero rating” and also it is the new buzzphrase in the battle for an open Internet. The best example for this is T-mobile’s Binge On Service that offers you unlimited video streaming from… Read More »

Tools to increase productivity in the workplace

Now let us discuss about the tools that can help you to improve your productivity: PDF to PowerPoint converter: By using PowerPoint converter you can easily insert PDFs into the slides or else you can change PDFs into PowerPoint slides. You can upload the PDF and the file will be converted easily in online. If… Read More »

Wireless Display (WiDi) Monitor By Dell Has Been Publicized

In the present competitive world you can see gadgets of different brand like Lenovo, Sony, HP, HCL, Dell etc. Among them, Dell is playing an important role in bringing updated products to full-fill customer needs. Dell is an American based multinational company started by Michael Dell in 1984 and headquarters located in Texas. Dell became… Read More »

How to find hidden files from virus USB and SD card

In some circumstance you may lose your essential data from SD card or USB flash drive due to unknown reasons. The common reason behind these situation is virus infection or malicious threats. If SD card or USB flash drive is infected by virus then data saved under this drive will be inaccessible. To overcome from… Read More »

How Snagit Is Used By People Every Day?

Gathering inspiration for project Snagit can be used to collect snapshots from other annual reports to fuel to your own creativity. Even Snagit provide more visibility on social media site such as Facebook. It help to show the IT department or Technical support exactly what’s happening in the system It helps to bypass the “Yes,… Read More »

Microsoft Improves Smartphones from Office to Android

Now Office is headed to Android Smartphones, after being available for iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad and Android tablets. Initially, Android phones from Office where available on beta with three applications in Google Play Store that is Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft stated as ‘Menu and Navigation option are placed at the bottom of screen so… Read More »

Preview of Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft is distributing next version of Office to unite its software across Windows, Android, iOS and Mac operating systems with familiar design as well as features. At the same time Microsoft Windows is updating the desktop client in order to include new and colorful theme which is similar to latest Android, iOS and Mac apps.… Read More »