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Fix 0x8007045d Error Code with Ease

“Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x8007045D” ‘0x8007045D’ error code is an I/O (input and output) error that is associated with registry. It indicates that the Windows operating system has become overloaded with invalid system references in the registry. Windows users… Read More »

Data Recovery after C Drive Crash

When a hard drive is crashed, you will no longer able to use it although it does show as a disk. If you are looking for alternatives to access crashed system drive(C:/) or want some reliable recovery method for your C drive as it contains any crucial files which you don’t want to lose, then… Read More »

How to Recover Lenovo Thinkpad Windows 8?

You must have probably encountered some or other problems with your Thinkpad. Of course, such things often happen that users get into data loss situations unintentionally. So, are you looking out for relevant ideas to get back your system data with some smart method? Then, learn more by reading further. Different data loss scenarios: Hardware… Read More »

Copy Data from Failing Hard Drive

I’m suffering here. Suddenly I’m facing severe problems with my system. Yesterday, I have installed a third party application on my system. As soon as I installed it, suddenly hard drive started giving odd sounds and mouse, keyword stopped working. Immediately, I restarted my PC and I got an error message ‘Hard disk drive failure’.… Read More »

How to Recover Data from PC Hard Drive?

“Instead of formatting D: drive, I accidently formatted E: drive on Windows PC without taking backup. Due to this mistake, I lost huge amount data stored under E: drive. I don’t have any idea to resolve this type of issues. So can anyone help me to retrieve data from hard drive on Windows PC?” PC… Read More »

Restoring Formatted Ex-Fat Partition

“Guys, need to know how to recover data from my formatted ex-Fat partition on my Windows system. Yesterday when I connected the Ex-Fat partition drive on my PC, a pop-up message showed up stating for virus infection, so in a hurry I formatted it. After formatting I got to know that I didn’t keep any… Read More »

Recover Data after Windows 7 Reformat

“Hi I am using Windows 7 system. Yesterday due to some technical issues I reformatted my hard drive. Before reformatting, it was showing all the files whatever I had stored on that hard drive but it is no longer present in it. I searched a lot for those folders in all possible ways but I… Read More »

Regain Data from Lenovo ThinkPad

“My Lenovo ThinkPad laptop is not booting up even after trying all the possible way to make it boot. I don’t know what went wrong and why is it behaving like that. I can buy new laptop but data present in Lenovo laptop is very crucial and I don’t want to lose them at any… Read More »