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Why Computer Restarts When Copying Files?

It is very annoying when you find that your computer often face unfortunate events, when some files are being transferred into it, suddenly prompts to restart. Most of time, files and folders go missing when pc is restarted during transfer. Let us try to know solutions for few problems occurred with system. Problem1: When I… Read More »

Restore Deleted Outlook Profile

Hello everyone, I had accidentally deleted my Outlook profile. I didn’t realize it till opening my Outlook today. It’s my office Outlook profile. I’m worried about my data. I need to bring back my data as I need to access it from tomorrow at office. Can someone help me to bring back my Outlook profile… Read More »

Recovering Lost Excel 2007 Document

“I used Cut operation on set of Excel files to move them from desktop to external device for freeing up memory space. However, before executing Paste operation, my system got shut down all of a sudden. Later on, when I restarted it, all previously selected Excel sheets were missing from its source location. I checked… Read More »

I was using 8GB Pen Drive holding all my essential files like documents, photos, music files, videos, etc. To free up the memory space I accidentally deleted few essential files instead of erasing unwanted one. Is there any way to get those files back from Pen Drive? Please help me out!!!” In hurry, all will… Read More »

Retrieve Disappeared Folder

“Hi everyone, yesterday I was renaming a folder as per my requirement, by mistake I used random keys in the name and pressed enter. From then I am not able to find that renamed folder in my computer. That folder contains very crucial files, so I need to get it back. If anybody know how… Read More »

How to Get Back Deleted Files from Hard Drive?

Today, while formatting C: Drive in my system hard drive, I accidentally selected D: Drive. Due to which my entire files got deleted on Windows hard drive. It contains all my files and confidential information which is very much useful for my project. How to get back deleted files from hard drive? Please help me out!!!… Read More »

Restoring Deleted Files from Pen Drive in Windows XP

“Guys, I want to know the simple way in which I can recover my files that were deleted from pen drive while they were being used on Windows Xp system. I accidentally detached the pen drive while data was being processed that lead to deletion of important information. Can anyone please help me as to… Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Files from External Memory?

Hello, I just connected external storage device to Windows system where I have stored all work oriented files. While deleting some unwanted files I accidentally selected all files and cleared Recycle Bin without inspecting its contents. I am stressed because I am in need of those deleted files very badly. Does anyone know how to… Read More »

How to Get Back Deleted Data from Laptop Hard Disk?

“While formatting F: dive I accidently formatted D: drive on my laptop. But in D: drive I stored all my project files, important documents, media files, etc. I lost entire data which I stored in D:  Drive. Please anyone who encountered with similar scenario can help me in recovering data from laptop hard disk!  Lot… Read More »

Restoring Excel Spreadsheet

“I want to know different ways in which I can recover deleted / lost Excel spreadsheets from my Windows Xp computer. Yesterday while I was trying to move some of the spreadsheets from my system to my pen drive, I accidentally deleted them. What should I do now? I haven’t used the system since the… Read More »