Backup Files Recovery From iTunes

By | February 22, 2017


  • A backup of all iTunes files are created before system re-installation but is now deleted
  • Old iTunes backups got damaged as an impact of inappropriate programs
  • Accidentally deleted files containing backup copies
  • Interrupted iTunes update/upgrade process leads to missing files from backup folder
  • Software conflicts, disk format and others

These are all some of the reasons that put iTunes media files to face file loss situations. Backups are primarily maintained for safety concern; preventive measures towards losing vital data. It is rather a disappointing moment when backups go out of reach. Recovering lost data comes to picture whenever there is no other copy of data is available. Now, recovery mechanism is not readily available on your Mac device. Therefore, only solution is to get on hands with Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool. You might be glad to hear that there is no such complicated procedures involved to get back your lost/deleted backups.

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As a matter of fact, when any files get erased, data will be no longer accessible but it is actually retained in the main location by your OS X. The space is marked as free and made available for newer items. Hence, unless the marked space is allocate to some other file, it is easily possible to restore them.


  • Supported file types: There is no such restriction for the file types that you are in need to retrieve. In fact, all audio, image, video, raw digital image, and many other formats are well-supported.
  • Media devices: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, iPods, hard drives, pen drives, memory sticks, memory cards and all other external storage medium.
  • Operating System: Compatible with all major Macintosh OS X versions Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard

Along with these support features, it also offers an amazing platform for any non-technical users to easily run and manage the tool. Intuitive UI makes its use simple yet smooth. Notably, Yodot application assures to cause no damage or loss to any part of the existing data on your device. Moreover any part of files will not be exposed to any external sources.

Procedure: Follow the set of steps briefed below for safe backup files recovery from iTunes.

Step 1: Get to download the file recovery application for your Macintosh by moving down your cursor here. Launch the program and start using it.

Step 2: Pick a relevant option among Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery (as per file loss scenario)

Step 3: Then it is required to specify the drive location of iTunes backup folder. After locating the drive tick on file types you want to regain or simply go with Mark All option

Step 4: The software begins to scan for all recoverable files and return a list of fetched data items

Step 5: Validate your files by previewing them in File Types View or Data View. Continue to save retrieved files in some safer drive location