Crashed iMac data recovery

Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros are popular for their well-defined design. It is true that Macintosh is less prone to viruses and data loss scenarios or logical failures. However, hard drive problems on Apple product do happen. The most common failure on Mac systems is due to crashed HDD. This article will give few insights about… Read More »

Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy “Camera Failed” Error?

All the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone variants have been built with brilliant camera. But at times, users who own Samsung Galaxy handset may experience a few errors while attempting to launch the default camera application. The error notification simply reads as “Warning: Camera Failed” and further the application freezes. Since cameras have turned out to… Read More »

Why Computer Restarts When Copying Files?

It is very annoying when you find that your computer often face unfortunate events, when some files are being transferred into it, suddenly prompts to restart. Most of time, files and folders go missing when pc is restarted during transfer. Let us try to know solutions for few problems occurred with system. Problem1: When I… Read More »

Ways to Free Up Disk Space On Windows

Isn’t it hectic to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in today’s busy world? with new techs and info popping out every day.  This remains same when we talk about storing huge chunk of files on computers and storage devices. Decades back, there were only few options available as storage medium, now it has completely… Read More »

Backup Files Recovery From iTunes

Situations: A backup of all iTunes files are created before system re-installation but is now deleted Old iTunes backups got damaged as an impact of inappropriate programs Accidentally deleted files containing backup copies Interrupted iTunes update/upgrade process leads to missing files from backup folder Software conflicts, disk format and others These are all some of… Read More »

iPhoto Not Showing Pictures In Library

Are you worried about losing pictures that is not shown up on your iPhoto? Don’t worry, there is one or the other way that will help you to find lost pictures. First, let us see when, why and how this kind of scenario arise. Photos from iPhoto may go missing when- iPhoto application is incorrectly… Read More »

Why Do Photos Get Locked?

Sometimes it might happen that a lock symbol appears on thumbnail of the photos and thus making files inaccessible. For example, when user tries to open an image file for editing, they will not be able to do so. Further, when attempted to delete, rename or move this picture file, a warning notification may pop-up… Read More »

Fix 0x8007045d Error Code with Ease

“Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x8007045D” ‘0x8007045D’ error code is an I/O (input and output) error that is associated with registry. It indicates that the Windows operating system has become overloaded with invalid system references in the registry. Windows users… Read More »

Restore Deleted Outlook Profile

Hello everyone, I had accidentally deleted my Outlook profile. I didn’t realize it till opening my Outlook today. It’s my office Outlook profile. I’m worried about my data. I need to bring back my data as I need to access it from tomorrow at office. Can someone help me to bring back my Outlook profile… Read More »

Data Recovery after C Drive Crash

When a hard drive is crashed, you will no longer able to use it although it does show as a disk. If you are looking for alternatives to access crashed system drive(C:/) or want some reliable recovery method for your C drive as it contains any crucial files which you don’t want to lose, then… Read More »